This small modern home available in beautiful Pismo Beach, CA, may not be for everyone—specifically those who aren’t adept at climbing a ladder to the lofted bedroom.
“You have to be agile,” listing agent Cheryl Priolo quips. Potential home buyers have worried about mixing a night cap or two with the steep bedroom ascent. “You can’t drink; you can’t go up the stairs after you drink.” (We humbly suggest moving the bar upstairs to the bedroom. Everybody wins.)
There’s no doubt the urge to partake in a few adult beverages has to do with the low-key vacation vibe and the nearby wine region. Although the neighborhood has a mix of full-time and part-time residents, this beach pad may work better for those looking for a second home. Aside from cabinets and a garage where you can keep your kayak and surfboard, there’s not a lot of storage space.

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