Oceanfront property might not be a sound investment in the future. A new interactive map from scientists at Climate Central (via Daily Mail) shows how much of the Los Angeles coast could be gobbled up by rising ocean levels due to climate change. The map allows users to compare how far ocean levels will spill into the city if carbon emissions continue to go unchecked, as well as the results of several levels of carbon emissions cuts. Surprise, surprise: the stronger the emissions restrictions, the fewer homes are submerged.
An explainer in the map elaborates that these maps don’t attempt to show what will happen in this century. Rather, they show “scientific projections”—taken from study by the Climate Central researchers (along with other international climate change scientists) and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences— “of the different post-2100 sea levels that could lock in this century, depending upon the carbon pathway we select.”
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