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There are many reasons why people enjoy living in San Pedro: the neighborhoods, the views and, of course, our history and strong sense of community. However, one of our favorites is the uniqueness of our local home architecture. San Pedro is well known for having a wide array of stylistic homes including Spanish, Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, Victorian, Colonial, etc. Buyers from all over flock to our community when these “period” homes hit the market in an attempt to purchase a piece of history. These unique architectural gems serve as a reminder to which style homes were popular during different periods throughout the 20th century. For this month’s column we thought it would be fun and informative to breakdown the unique characteristics of the different home styles. Here is a brief description of the styles of homes we tend to see most often in San Pedro:
Victorian: Mostly built towards the end of the 1800’s to 1910. This style of architecture is known for its decorative trims, usually 2-3 stories in size, towers and steep faced roofs. One great example of this style is on 13th street just across from Daniels Field Stadium. This home was built in the 1880’s by the Sepulveda Family as a wedding gift to their daughter and son-in-law James Dodson.
Craftsman: Craftsman-style homes were mostly built during the early 1900s. These homes are known for their large porches, gorgeous built-in cabinetry, and intricate wood detailing. Take a drive on the streets below Pacific or in the Point Fermin area you will be sure to spot one.
Spanish: These homes were mostly constructed in the San Pedro area between 1920-1945. They usually consist of a stucco exterior, signature clay-tile roof, and arches near the doors and windows of the home. Many of these homes can be found around Gaffey Street and between 15th-25th street. It’s hard to miss this style as the clay tile-roof is a dead giveaway.
Mid-Century Modern: These homes were commonly built between the years of 1945-1975. They are very unique with their long flat roofs, large windows/glass, long, clean lines and open floor plans. Mostly found in the upper Vista Del Oro, Point Fermin, and South Shores communities of San Pedro. A stunning example of this is a home found just across the street from Averill Park, which was built in 1959 by master architects Joncich & Lusby.
Colonial: The term “Colonial” originally referred to the style of home that was common amongst European settlers of the 17th century. There are different types of Colonial-style architecture but the most common elements include windows that are placed symmetrically on both sides of a centered front door. Double-hung windows, steep roofs, large central chimney, and often built with brick or wood siding. In San Pedro, this style of home can be commonly viewed below Pacific Ave in the historical Vinegar Hill area. Some homes in this neighborhood were built as far back as 1886 and into the early 1900s.
In the beginning building phases in our town began in early 1900s along the waterfront. Some of our oldest homes are great examples of these Victorian, Colonial and Craftsman-style homes close to Harbor and Beacon Boulevard. As San Pedro expanded towards Palos Verdes, more homes and areas were developed to make room for a growing population. Thus, you will see homes that are not as old as you move further away from the waterfront.
These different styles of architecture are also a determining factor in property values. We’re fortunate to have such diverse homes in our community which help to make our town, and more specifically, each neighborhood unique. We’re not a town of mainly track or factory homes, which is one of the reasons many people choose to reside here.
Next time you are driving thru town, look around and enjoy the beautiful architecture of these homes. See if you can determine the architectural style and imagine how life was around San Pedro when they were built. Just make sure to drive safely while you are checking them out! :)